Marelli, key supplier, trying to turn around and dump debt

Just three years ago, Fiat Chrysler sold Fiat’s parts group, Magneti Marelli, to KKR-owned Calsonic Kansei Corporation’s CK Holdings. Fiat Chrysler—now Stellantis—remains a primary customer of (as it was now called) Marelli; as in the past, Marelli also sells to numerous other automakers. Today, Bloomberg announced that Marelli has chosen a group to restructure its … Read more

Jeep breaking out of Indian niche

Jeep Meridian (Compass based)

Jeep had less than a 1% market share in India in 2020. It’s a tough market, partly because a former Willys licensee, Mahindra & Mahindra, makes inexpensive vehicles that look just like today’s (and yesterday’s Jeeps)—and they have every legal right to do so. Some believe that Jeep’s drive to increase sales is also not … Read more

STLA-direct sales may be phased in

feldman cdjr (jeep dealer)

According to the Detroit News (subscription required), Stellantis is planning to move to direct sales rather than going through dealers, possibly during the shift into battery-electric cars. Tesla, the American electric car maker, has avoided using franchises, resulting in state-by-state legal battles. Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares claimed that distribution is about a third of a … Read more

STLA settlement may finally put diesel fraud case to bed

VM diesel (Ram)

When Jeep and Ram were tuning VM diesels for use in Ram 1500s and Jeeps, it turned to a Volkswagen-owned contractor and VM employees for help with fine tuning the controls. Not long afterwards, it turned out that Volkswagen had been faking its emissions tests, and then researchers and reporters turned their attention to just … Read more

Meet the “new” head of FCA US supply chain

It seems like just yesterday Stellantis was rated as the worst automaker to work with by suppliers, in a Plante Moran survey which has been run since 2013. Almost at the same time, Stellantis’ global head of purchasing was replaced; and today, Automotive News reported that the North American head of supply chain, Martin Hornbeck, … Read more

Ford paying some states for truck “mis-statements”

Ford is paying $91 million to 40 states and the District of Columbia for deceptions about fuel economy and payload on the 2013-14 C-Max and 2011-14 Super Duty, respectively. In 2013, Ford dropped its official C-Max gas mileage by 7 mpg and sent $550 to owners to compensate them for the extra fuel use. They … Read more

When Jeep recalled three dozen vehicles

2022 jeep Wrangler

Jeep announced two exceedingly small recalls for lighting issues. Around two dozen 2022 Grand Cherokee/Grand Cherokee Ls were recalled due to a body computer which may flash the hazard lights when braking, which violates federal rules. All affected vehicles were made on January 26; the total was five Grand Cherokees and 15 Grand Cherokee Ls, … Read more

New USA battery plant confirmed

2024 Ram EV

Automotive News reported this morning that the new Stellantis-Samsung SDI joint-venture battery plant will likely be sited in Indiana, near existing Kokomo-area plants. It should be producing batteries in 2025, with a starting capacity of 23 gigawatt-hours. Company representatives said it would provide an update on Kokomo’s future operations later today. A Canadian facility has … Read more

What on Earth is a Jeep Meridian? (Updated)

Jeep Meridian for India

Today, Stellantis announced renewed investment in India, with four Jeeps to be made there—the Wrangler, Compass, Grand Cherokee, and … Meridian. What on earth is a Jeep Meridian, you may ask? This is a Jeep Meridian. The Meridian is a seven-seat version of the Jeep Compass, complete with front wheel drive origins and similar front styling, … Read more

STLA’s new supply chain chief junks unpopular policy

Dodge Upgraded Driveline

Last week, Stellantis announced that Maxime Picat (prior head of STLA’s Enlarged Europe organization) had been promoted to head of global purchasing and supply chain management. The prior head of purchasing, Michelle Wen, had enforced a new policy which demanded that suppliers pass along any of their own cost savings on work done for Stellantis. … Read more

Bob Hubbach

bob hubbach

Bob Hubbach, Chrysler’s design manager from 1967 to 2001, passed away on the night of May 14 while in hospice. Hubbach was a co-designer of the highly successful Valiant Charger, Australia’s famed “Hemi Six” powered successor to the Valiant Pacer. This car set a long-standing Australian speed record with its 265 cubic inch inline six, … Read more