Get this Dodge pickup while you can

For many years, Dodge was serious about trucks. The Dodge Division built the usual half-ton, three-quarter-ton, and one-ton pickups, but they also made big rigs for heavier-duty trucking needs. In the mid-1970s, they even tried marketing pickups to ordinary people as a replacement for muscle cars, using the unfortunate term “adult toys.”This 1977 Dodge pickup … Read more

Jeep releases more numbers, makes new model almost certain

jeep numbers

Jeep is almost certainly readying a vehicle to take on the Bronco’s dimensional challenge, though matching its independent suspension may prove much harder.Chances are we will see something like the Jeep XTreme Recon package mentioned by Jalopnik, from a page that’s no longer visible; it would be on four-door Wranglers, including the 392.The first numbers … Read more

Jeep’s 40.4 message

Jeep 40.4

Jeep tweeted an image of a sign showing a Wrangler, with an arrow pointing up, and the cryptic message 40.4 in big numbers. The code at the bottom right might read “JL 106” but it’s too fuzzy to be sure.Motor1 had a fine analysis by Christopher Smith going over the many possible explanations, while also … Read more

Diving into the ‘Dodge Charger Ghoul’

Dodge Charger Ghoul Hellcat

Take the Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye, with its 797 horsepower supercharged Hemi, and round up to the nearest thousand—or just take a Hennessey Performance Hellcat, which goes one-up with both a twin turbo and a supercharger to claim a thousand horsepower. Add in a name related to the limited-production, 840-horse Dodge Challenger Demon, and you … Read more

Upgraded, updated Dodge Viper book hits the stands

Viper book on Amazon

If you missed Dodge Viper: The full story of the world’s first V10 sports car when it first hit the stands, you can now get an updated version, edited with input from Viper experts Dick Winkles,  Jon Brobst, and Maurice Liang.The 136-page-long book from Veloce is available now on Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, and in … Read more

Used Dodge Hellcat Prices Skyrocket amidst Inventory Shortage

Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

The reduced production of Dodge Charger and Challenger last year due to production stoppages stemming from the early onset of the Covid-19 pandemic coupled with the ongoing component shortage, most recently pertaining to microchips, has led to an extreme short supply of new Hellcat-powered Dodge cars. That short supply of new models has led to … Read more

Giorgio is being converted to STLA Large

Several publications recently ran stories on the death of the sort-of-new Giorgio platform, designed to support medium-sized and large cars and crossovers for Alfa Romeo, Dodge, Jeep, and possibly Chrysler.The reality appears to be different: Giorgio has simply been brought into a new naming system, which simply calls its platforms Small, Medium, Large, and Frame. … Read more

Inside a fake Stellantis memo from Facebook

fake stellantis letter

How fake is this letter posted to Facebook, “from a Stellantis employee,” which came with a possibly-real Stellantis letterhead? Pretty fake. Let’s look at the issues.First, while there is a semiconductor shortage, it’s not only China that’s the problem; the sudden Texas shutdown meant hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of semiconductors in-process were lost. … Read more

Speculation: How a Peugeot-style branding system could work in the USA

Peugeot SA, like Volkswagen AG, tended to reflect American automakers of the 1930s-to-1980s: similar cars were sold under different brands, varying in trim, soundproofing, convenience features, and such. Peugeot maintained four brands—Citroën, DS, and Opel being the other three. That system, in Chrysler’s case, led to extremely similar cars being sold, with varying sizes, trim … Read more